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All of Body Precision's Pilates instructors have more than 700 hours of training.

Beth H. Downey

Body Precision Owner, Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Pilates Center of Boulder, 1997

Masters Training Program

Pilates Center of Boulder, 2011

CoreAlign®, 2014

beth downey, main line pilates instructor


Beth H. Downey founded Body Precision in 1995, as the premier Pilates Studio on the Main Line. Beth was trained by The Pilates Center of Boulder in 1997, completing one of the most comprehensive training programs in the country and received the specially recognized Gold Certification for Teaching from the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the only accredited designation in the United States.


In Sept. 2011, Beth proudly graduated from the highly regarded Pilates Master Program at the Pilates Center of Boulder, completing 96 hours of continuing education to enhance her knowledge of body movement and anatomy. In December 2017 Beth completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training, a comprehensive post-graduate program of advanced study taught by the renowned Cara Reeser, founder of Pilates Aligned. Kathy Grant was one of only two teachers that Joseph Pilates himself certified during his lifetime.


Beth is also the director of the nationally recognized Body Precision Teacher Training Program for classical Pilates. Beth has been teaching Pilates for over 22 years and specializes in working with clients who have back, neck and joint pain, as well as chronic ailments.


Beth is also certified in:
-Pilates for Pink Ribbon Program
-Pilates for Golf
-Yamuna Body Rolling

-Pilates for Buff Bones


Beth graduated with a BS in Marketing from Penn State University and played on the Ladies Lions Golf Team. She worked in the health care industry for fifteen years before opening Body Precision. Beth has always had a love of sports and is an avid golf and paddle tennis competitor, bringing a unique background to her Pilates teachings. She also has lectured extensively to promote Pilates in the Tri State area. Beth also developed a complete video series for all levels of exercises on all equipment for home use.

Cathy Raymond

Body Precision Pilates Instructor
Certified CoreAlign Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, 2005

Franklin Method, 2012

CoreAlign®, 2014


cathy raymond, main line pilates instructor

Cathy started as a Body Precision client in 2000 on a friend's recommendation. Impressed with both Pilates and the teachers at this studio, she changed careers and spent a year completing Body Precision's Teacher Training Program.


Cathy not only teaches Pilates full time at Body Precision, but also is a workshop teacher in Body Precision’s Teacher Training program. Her continuing search for knowledge led her to the Franklin Method, which is a comprehensive study of both experiential anatomy and the use of imagery to improve function in the body. This combination helps her clients understand their bodies in a new way, so they can improve everyday movement as well as sport specific skills.


Currently Cathy is enjoying going through an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training program-which is reminding her of how much fun it is to be a beginner all over again! She also completed Cara Reeser’s Heritage Training Program in 2017. This focused on the work of one of Joe Pilates’ students, Kathy Stanford Grant. She was a dancer, choreographer, and a much loved and respected teacher at Tisch School of the Arts for years.


A graduate of Swarthmore College, Cathy has taught Pilates/Franklin Method there since 2005 to faculty, staff, and students.

Abby Sokolic Frith

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, 2001


Abby Sokolic Frith, main line pilates instructor

Abby has been teaching Pilates for 17 years. She was a Dance minor at West Chester University in 1997, and began doing Pilates after a terrible car accident nearly halted her dancing forever. Within 2 months, Abby was back on stage and choreographing for her annual Dance Production Workshop. This inspired her to want to become a teacher to share with others the amazing benefits Pilates brought to her life and her body.


Abby participated in the very first Body Precision Teacher Training Program, graduating in 2001 and completing over 700 hours. That same year, she received her Master’s degree in Dance Movement Therapy at Drexel University. Abby worked at Body Precision until she moved to Delaware and opened her own business, Bodies in Balance Pilates Studio, which became a successful studio that was even voted “Best of Delaware”.


Abby moved back to Pennsylvania in 2006, in order to work towards her second Master’s degree in Education, which she completed in 2012 at Holy Family University. When Abby isn’t at work, she spends time with her dog Hamsa, rollerblading, rock climbing, and spending time with her 5 sisters whom she loves dearly.


Abby’s passion for helping others and her education, have made her able to use Pilates, something that saved her own body, to help others become strong, balanced, pain free, and pursue what Joseph Pilates called the “prerequisite to happiness”: physical fitness.

Susan Gore

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, 2006

Susan Gore, main line pilates instructor

Susan came to the Pilates method through a background of sports, gymnastics and dance. It was through dance that she learned about Pilates and discovered that the Pilates cross training helped her in fitness, dance and sports. In addition, Susan found that Pilates helped her find muscle balance which improved her scoliosis. "My body continues to change with regard to the health of my spine!"

After receiving her Pilates Certification from Body Precision, Susan began studying Anusara-based yoga and obtained her yoga teaching certification in 2011. She loves the combination of Pilates and yoga and created a fusion class at Body Precision. "I feel that Pilates and yoga complement each other perfectly in enhancing freedom of movement, which inevitably leads to an increase in well-being and a better quality of life."

Susan's specialty is teaching dancers and helping people with scoliosis and various other spinal and joint issues.

Teresa Groshans

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Urban Body Studios, Atlanta, GA, 2014


Teresa Groshans, main line pilates instructor

Teresa received her 700 hour Classical Pilates Certification while studying with teacher Patricia Russel, under the direction of teachers Brooke Siler, Dana Santi and the Authentic Pilates Union. Most recently she completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training, a comprehensive post-graduate education program taught through the lens and experience of Kathy’s long-time student, Cara Reeser.

Teresa is also qualified as a TRX instructor for both individual, as well as group training sessions. Her enthusiasm for fitness has encompassed running, swimming, tennis, weight lifting, yoga and competitive sprint triathlons. As an instructor, Teresa enjoys challenging clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals through the practice of Pilates.

Prior to her training in Pilates, Teresa was most recently the founder and Director of Schoolyard Sprouts, a foundation providing hands on garden learning and edible education to elementary school children. She has also worked in the corporate and art and antique worlds. She currently lives in Wayne with her son and daughter.

Lenore Denbin

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, 2006

lenore denbin, main line pilates instructor

Lenore Denbin’s Pilates’ experience began with Body Precision when the studio first opened in 1995. An avid fitness enthusiast and runner, Lenore was looking to add another dimension to her exercise program after delivering her first baby. She became an immediate devotee of the Pilates method and continued practicing throughout her next pregnancy, making Pilates a primary part of her fitness routine.


Lenore completed Body Precision’s comprehensive program in early 2006. Additionally, she is PMA-certified, certified to teach Pilates for Golf™ and licensed to teach Ron Fletcher Towelwork™ and Ron Fletcher Spine Corrector™.


Lenore strives to make each lesson unique to her client’s needs and is especially interested in working with our young athletes. Lenore grew up on Long Island and graduated from New York University. In NY, she worked as a special events planner for ESPN and as a business writer.

Kebi Denard

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

pH7 Pilates, Denver, CO 2011


Kebi Denard, main line pilates instructor

Kebi has been a dancer and lover of movement most of her life. She first learned Pilates while studying ballet and modern dance at the performing arts high school she attended in Oklahoma City. Feeling injured and tired after 15 years of dancing, she changed focus and attended Oklahoma State University where she received a BA in English Literature. In 2009, while living in Denver, CO, almost a decade later, she began taking reformer classes to get ready for her upcoming wedding. She was instantly hooked! By November of 2010 she had begun her first teacher training and in 2011 began teaching Pilates full time.


Kebi also completed a 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2014 before she relocated to Philadelphia. She believes that the structured technique of Pilates keeps her strong and together so that yoga can be open and fluid. Kebi is committed to creating strong relationships with her clients to help them access Pilates in a safe, fun and refined way. She is also committed to a strong self-practice and continuing her education as a way to continually strive towards being the best teacher she can be.

Arden Williams Saligman

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, 2014


Arden Williams Saligman, main line pilates instructor

Arden discovered Pilates four years ago after a severe SI joint dislocation and found the Pilates Method life changing. After years of long distance running, yoga and playing competitive squash, Arden realized she was very strong in her limbs but weak in her core. Arden's doctor recommended Pilates, knowing she loved to be active and if she didn't take of care her injury, she would have lifelong problems with her low back. Pilates was so impactful to Arden that she sought out Body Precision's highly regarded teacher training program to learn more about the Pilates exercises and to share her enthusiasm for this transformative exercise method with others.


Arden graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she played on the varsity squash team. She had a twelve-year career at Penn, working as a major gift fundraiser before leaving to raise her three children. Arden lives in Wayne.

Carol Yudis

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, 2014

Kathy Grant Heritage Training, 2017


Arden Williams Saligman, main line pilates instructor

Carol was a participant in Body Precision’s training program in 1999. She spent the next 15 years maintaining her own personal practice and raising her four children. In 2014 Carol returned to her love of teaching Pilates and completed Body Precision’s comprehensive training program and has been teaching ever since.


Carol has always been a student of movement, and entered the world of Pilates after the birth of her fourth child. She was having difficulties regaining control of her core after her fourth cesarean section in 1996, and Pilates was recommended by her physical therapist. Not only did it help to strengthen her core, it became a way of life for her. She enjoys sharing her passion and love of the method with her clients. Carol spends her free time by continuing to study movement, and enjoying her four beloved pups.

Lauren Henry

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, 2012

kathy sherman, main line pilates instructor

Lauren fell in love with Pilates and has been an avid practitioner and devotee since 2002. Due to the successful rehabilitation of her own personal injury, she acquired a greater appreciation for the Method and gained her certifications through the prestigious Body Precision Pilates Studio in Rosemont, PA.


"With each day, our mental and physical needs change. My goal is to tailor each session to best suit those needs and allow you to gain exactly what you require and desire from each session."


A Radnor Township native, Lauren graduated from Radnor High School and went on to graduate from Gettysburg College with a BA in English Literature. When she's not practicing or teaching Pilates, Lauren enjoys running and practicing yoga. She currently resides in Wayne, PA.

Kristen Coughlin

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Mat Training

Body Precision, 2015

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, March, 2019


Kristen Coughlin, main line pilates apprentice instructor

Kristen discovered Pilates in 2011, when she bid on a private Pilates session at a school fundraiser. She had always enjoyed fitness classes, tennis and walking but was interested in trying something new. After her first lesson, she was hooked on Pilates. She gained strength, flexibility and an awareness of her mind, body and spirit connection.


In March 2015, Kristen began the Mat Training Program and never looked back. By early September 2015, she completed the program and began teaching mat classes. This is not just a job but a true passion for her. She is currently enrolled in Body Precision’s Comprehensive Training Program and looks forward to passing her joy of Pilates onto others.


Kristen received a BA in Communications from the University of Delaware and worked in Human Resources for five years before leaving to raise her two children with her husband.

Angela Risser

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Mat Training

Body Precision, 2014

Advanced Mat Training

Body Precision, 2015

Level III Equipment Training

Body Precision, 2017


Angela Risser, main line pilates apprentice instructor

Angela began practicing Pilates in 2005, and immediately found it beneficial to her body and mind. Having been a dancer, she found the discipline and technique appealing as it is similar to classical dance training. After doing teacher training through the Physical Mind Institute, she taught Mat Pilates and yoga for a short time in Lancaster, PA.


After moving to the Philadelphia area, Angela found her way to Body Precision and was inspired to teach again. After completing the Mat Level I-III and Advanced Mat Trainings, she enrolled in the Comprehensive Teacher Training. Angela wants her clients to discover how Pilates can enhance their other activities and daily life while also having fun!


Angela has a BA in Dance and English from Mary Washington College (now University of Mary Washington), enjoys practicing yoga, and is a competitive West Coast Swing dancer.

Rachael Bridgens

Body Precision Pilates Instructor

Mat Training

Body Precision, 2015

Pilates Comprehensive Training

Body Precision, April 2019


Rachael Bridgens, main line pilates instructor

Rachael found Body Precision in 2013 when she left a demanding sales position in NYC to pursue her love of fitness full time. A lifelong athlete and competitive cheerleader, she began her career teaching group fitness classes modeled after the training regimen of a collegiate cheerleader. When consistent, high impact activity took a toll on her body, Rachael discovered Pilates to be an incredibly effective cross training method. Drawn to Pilates’ commitment to balance and functional movement, Rachael completed her Mat certification through Body Precision in 2015. Rachael used her deepened understanding of anatomy and individual bodies to help her clients build strength safely.


Following the birth of her daughter in 2017, Rachael returned to Body Precision and committed to Pilates exclusively to rehabilitate diastasis recti (postpartum abdominal separation). Rachael developed a renewed gratitude for Pilates. Both inspired and humbled, she dove wholeheartedly into her comprehensive certification.


Rachael’s philosophy: You can sweat anywhere. Nothing else provides the mental stimulation, physical challenge, healing ability, and long term benefits of Pilates. Rachael enjoys working with clients of all ages and physical abilities. She is excited to be a member of the Body Precision team and share her passion.


Rachael lives with her husband and one year old daughter in Bryn Mawr. She spends her free time drinking copious amounts of coffee and attempting to wrangle her wild toddler.


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