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If you're interested in massage therapy please get to know our two highly experienced therapists!


Massage Therapist

Certified Neuromuscular
Massage Therapist, 1994

Completed Sports Massage
Therapy Training, 1991

Andrew Mell, massage therapist

My ultimate goal is to assist my clients in reaching a state of optimal health and wellness:  first by understanding the dynamics of their discomforts, and then to help them regain the flexibility and strength that they have been missing  - and need to regain - in order to more fully embrace their lives.


I believe physical problems are frequently "wake-up calls" - our bodies requesting increased "Self" awareness, and a more balanced integration with all aspects of life.


No single technique or form of exercise is effective alone: for this reason I have studied extensively and employ a broad range of therapies.


Once clients have reached their optimal state of well-being,
I recommend recurring sessions at specific intervals, according to their goals, in order to maintain optimum health.


diane sagula

Massage Therapist


Kripalu for Yoga and Health,
Vipassana Meditation Center, and
the International School of Shiatsu

Diane Sagula, Massage Therapist

I have been working as a bodywork therapist for over 10 years. My training includes anatomy, physiology, food and healing, oriental medical theory, yoga and meditation and mindfulness. My training also includes massage techniques including therapeutic muscle massage techniques, touch for health, shiatsu/shin tai, craniosacral therapy, prenatal and post natal massage, energetic healing such as reiki and oneness blessing (I am a oneness blessing giver and a reiki master).


With my in-depth training, our conversation about your body and health needs enables me to customize the type of bodywork that is best for you during your visit. I look forward to joining you where you are at, and helping you take the next steps on your journey with a bit more compassion towards your body, mind and spirit and challenging you to radiate that to everyone you encounter.



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massage therapy

Interested in massage therapy at Body Precision?
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Andrew Mell
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Diane Sagula
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